Athletic Trainers ( Ats )

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“Athletic Trainers (ATs) are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.” According to the caATe that is the definition of being an athletic trainer. The caATe is the organization responsible for the authorization of athletic training education program. Athletic trainers are multi-skilled, highly trained healthcare professionals.
In 1950 the organization NATA was made to build and strengthen the profession. In 1955 the first athletic trainer surfaced to become the National Secretary of the NATA. He was a man by the name William E. Newell. William was a professor from Purdue.
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At the end of the school year a student will have to take the BOC exam like mentioned earlier. In the 2014-2015 school year 80.65% of the people who took the exam passed.
In a recent study, the average salary of an athletic trainer with a bachelor’s degree is $46,176. But an athletic trainer with a master’s degree makes around $51,144. An athletic trainer with the highest degree (doctorate) they make an average of $76,262. This can be compared to about what flight attendant makes.
Places that athletic trainers usually work is at schools. Such as on teams from colleges and high school. Athletic trainers also work in the major leagues in sports. But they can also work in places someone wouldn’t expect like the military and some clinics or hospitals. Athletic trainers can also be found at places such as operating room, NASA, and some business offices. Athletic trainers can even work at the Olympics. The field of athletic training is growing rapidly each year. The pay is also increasing each year. Since 2003 pay has increased by at least 9 percent. The most it increased was in youth sports by 41 percent. But the most paid is in performing arts it increased by 15 percent to $56,135.
The job of an athletic trainer is always changing due to different injuries that come in each day and different stories that go along with it. Plus all athletes will heal at different times and some might have complications while others may not have them. There
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