Athletic Training Exam

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In the first two chapters of the Athletic Training Exam Review textbook, the authors discuss the best ways to prepare for the exam. They also go through a quick history and format of the BOC exam in chapter two. To prepare for the BOC I plan to use a couple strategies the text talks about. First, I am going to find a study spot where I can be alone with no distractions. I will use this spot to study each time to avoid distractions, and I also study better if I go to the same location each time I study. I don’t plan to use other students to go through the practice problems because I don’t want my answers to be influenced by what others say, and I want to have a true representation of what I do and do not know. Having this representation will show my strong and weak areas and which topics I need to review. On…show more content…
I can do this by taking deep breaths and remaining confident in myself. There is not anyone there who can take the test for me or make it easier so I can only rely on my knowledge and what I studied before the test. Having confidence goes back to studying though. I need to make sure that I study regularly and efficiently so that I can have the confidence I need when taking the test. Right now I am not certain which areas I feel like I need to study more than others. Right now I feel as if I need a good review on everything. When I get more into the textbook and studying then I feel like I will have a much better idea as to which areas will require more studying. Overall, the first two chapters of the textbook were good to get myself thinking about studying for the BOC. I have started considering where and when during the week I will study. I am anxious to see which areas are my strong suit and which are not. The BOC is going to require a lot of patients and studying but I know the end result will be worth
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