Athletic Training

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Athletic trainers are health care professionals who specialize in all of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of medical conditions involving disabilities, impairment and functional limitations. Developing and implementing rehabilitation programs, recognizing and evaluating injuries and providing emergency care or first aid are a couple of the requirements that these professionals have. They typically collaborate with licensed physicians and other medical professionals, and work with patients and clients of all ages.

Too get into the career of a Athletic Trainer you must have at least a bachelors degree. Its important for students to choose a degree program that has been accepted by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education. Usually the coursework includes human movement sciences, first aid,
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The process of selecting applicants for masters degree programs related to athletic training is highly competitive. many Masters programs require that students have an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 to 3.0. Although a graduate degree is voluntary, it can be helpful for trainers who work at the collegiate level or those seeking career advancement. Master’s degree programs provide further study in exercise and sports medicine, exercise physiology and advanced athletic training. Most masters programs can be completed in two years and combine laboratory experiences with clinical internships.

With the dramatic growth in youth sports participation and the subsequent increase in the number of injuries we are seeing, there is a need for qualified medical care who understands the issues facing young athletes. The utilization of an Athletic Trainer for recognition and early intervention as well as prevention of these injuries is the logical choice in providing appropriate medical care for our children,” says Kevin Klingele, M.D., orthopedist at Nationwide Children’s

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