Athleticism : Nature Or Nurture?

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Athleticism: Nature or Nurture? When an individual grows up to be an athlete, we question them on why they are so talented. There are two factors that are taken into account on this topic, and that is their genetic features or their biocultural characteristics. After long studies, philosophers finally agreed that human development is comprised of two factors: nature and nurture. People argue about this because they believe it is what determines our personality and behavior. Nature is the genetics that determines the result, and nurture is the environment that determines the result. Although these factors can be debatable, most scientists believe both of these contribute to the idea of exercise and sports science. Some believe it is the…show more content…
Also, psychologists have upgraded their studies on nature and nurture and concluded that humans are in unison and of one species. Everyone develops and grows in the same community but everyone has their own genetic makeup of traits such as height, hair color, eye color, and skin color. “Generally speaking, different sets of genetic sequence variants have been associated with ... performance” (Tucker 557). For instance, when playing sports like volleyball, basketball, and netball, height is a necessity for a successful performance. According to Tucker, “numerous studies report that height is highly heritable with 80% of its variance controlled by multiple genes” (557). Also, another obvious characteristic of absolute performance is biological sex. During Tucker and Collins’ “analysis of world record performances in multiple track events, ranging from the 100 m to a 90 km ultramarathon, ‘the best males out perform the best females by between 9% and 14%’”(557). This plays a significant role in determining an athlete’s performance and that’s why most competitions are separated between males and females. Moreover, nurture is a cultural
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