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How should Atida handle Jessica? How should Atida handle Tom? It seems that in the past Atida Motor Company was relying too much on the vehicle selling its self. 10 years ago they brought Jim on board as Vice President of Customer Service to help make Atida Motor Company a more customer focused firm. Adding a comprehensive warranty, a credit card that rewarded customers with accessories for their cars and Atida branded apparel and offering returning customers a free satellite radio where all added incentives for the sake of increasing customer retention. A call center was added in Bangalore to help customers get quick responses. For those reasons I have mentioned, there is no doubt in my mind that Atida Motor Company is going from a…show more content…
Now Tom on the other hand had a very bad experience. This seems to have been a faulty fuel pump issue and after 5 months of driving there is nothing that Tom may have done to cause this. This is obviously a manufacturing defect and deserves Atida’s full attention. He knows his rights and is entitled to the Lemon Law. I don’t like how Lisa is brushing off his threats to get the courts involved since she knows how costly it can get. This decision can prove more costly to Atida than she realizes since he is in advertising and making a defaming you tube video that trashes Atida can be a deadly blow! I think they need to get in contact with Jim as soon as possible. Jim is a longtime, loyal customer and they need to do whatever it takes to make him happy. Unlike Jessica Long, I don’t think Jim is trying to over dramatize his car trouble for the sake of hustling freebies from Atida Motor Company. They should repair or replace Tom’s vehicle. They should also reimburse Jim for his troubles that resulted from the faulty vehicle. That includes the tow truck, the motel, the cab ride and the train ride. As a result, hopefully this will restore the perception of value that Jim once had in Atida Motor’s and hopefully keep him as a loyal customer. We also hope that after remedying the issue Jim will remember this as a positive customer service experience and will not hesitate to purchase his next vehicle from Atida Motor

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