Atlanta Bamboo Case Summary

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In the wake of assessing and dissecting the information received from the Reginal Managers from the 18 locations across the operational footprint of Buddy's Floor Barn and putting that information into a Pivot Table in order to review the organization’s performance over the last three quarters in view of the five products they offer. Changing over the data provided into the Pivot table will greatly assist me in providing a more substantial recommendation on preparing, promoting, and representative assessment. The proposal of deciding the main items in various districts which mirrors the essence of clients in various locales and urban communities.
The diagram above is a representation of the total aggregate offers of the 18 locations within
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My recommendation is for the local manager to meet with the sales representatives in order to identify the root cause for the abatement in the sales of Bamboo and Cherry and to actualize a plan of action to combat the sales of two products in this location. In Atlanta Bamboo and Cherry sales require a huge focus due to their poor performance. Atlanta indicated tremendous spike in sales of Bamboo during the second quarter. From this evaluation the recommendation is to continue or start additional offerings on this product to boost earned revenue. Also in Atlanta Oak and Mahogany sales climbed during the second quarter, but experienced a dramatic decrease in sales over the third quarter. Local managers need to investigate the possible causes for the huge fall in numbers.
The Baltimore location is one of the best locations at this time with the aggregate of their general deals yet their deals are not steady as it demonstrates the enormous fall in the second quarter offers of Bamboo, Cherry, and Maple. This may be a reason of changing administration in that period. I highly recommend that emphasis be placed on Maples in order to rectify the issue for the slow but steady increase in sales. Once these issues have been identified I suggest a rock solid plan of action that will ultimately impact the increase of Maple sales in that location.
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However, eventually all products began to pick up sales. This could have been a direct impact due to the severe weather conditions the areas have been experiencing. However, granted that the sales did pick up, I do recommend that some attention is placed on Oak and Bamboo in Jacksonville and Maple and Montgomery. If the weather was the true underlying issue leading to the decline in sales then once the weather passes then sales should pick right back up. Overall Kansas City is doing absolutely phenomenal. However, there is always room for improvement. The sales of Maple constantly keep rising and falling which is a direct reflection in the sales of Oak and Mahogany. My recommendation to ensure that there is always enough inventories on stock to supply the demands of the locals in the area. From the charts Seattle have proved to be an average performer grossing 651397. My recommendation is for the local manager to meet with the marketing team to formulate a plan that could possible boost sales a little more than normal for the upcoming quarters specifically in Maple and Cherry
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