Atlanta Community Food Bank ( Acfb )

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Atlanta community food bank (ACFB) was founded in 1979. It procures more than 60 million pounds of food and grocery to most of its nonprofit partner agencies that serve families and individuals in the main city of Atlanta and Georgia state. Some of the agencies that they serve and receive products from ACFB are food pantries, community kitchens, childcare centers, night shelters, and senior centers. In turn, food is provided by these partner agencies for people who earn a meager amount and persons and children who are hungry and do not have enough food security. Their resources are manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, brokers, restaurants, food drives, gardens and individuals. The product is easily accessed by our partner agencies.…show more content…
Their main aim is to distribute food to all those who cannot afford it due to several reasons. Our mission is lived out every day through seven projects that are all aimed to serving mankind. Apart from distributing food they also help the community grow by providing them support and helping people so that they can find economic security. They also provide opportunities for people to gain knowledge and involving them in tasks that will enable them to grow both inwardly ad outwardly. Some of their projects that they are involved in are Atlanta Prosperity Campaign, Atlanta’s Table, Community Gardens, Hunger 101, Hunger Walk/Run, Kids In Need and Product Rescue Center. Conflicts
Some of the conflicts that are occurring frequently in this organization are lack of proper communication and coordination. Conflict can occur in many areas such as there could be a conflict within an organization, personal conflict involving the personal identity, moral context, Intrapersonal conflict, goal conflict, value conflict, relational conflict and community conflict. When considering conflict within an organization there are many factors that attribute to such conflicts. There can be many reasons for a conflict to arise in an organization. For example if an organization hires a new resource at a higher position and
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