Atlanta Home Loan Essay

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Case study Atlanta Home Loan

A)Identify the devices (controls) that Al Fiorini used to control his business both before and after he went back to school. Classify each control as a results, control, or personnel/cultural type of control.
Action control
Before he went back to school
i. Al monitored the activities of his loan offers by tracking the number of credit inquiries each requested. ii. Al closely monitored the loan application/lead ratio depending on the skill of the loan officer.
After he went back to school
i. Not letting Wilbur as a new partnership to sign the check written against AHL’s main bank account and Al must approve all outflow of cash from his company. Al also order to Wilbur and Letitia not to write any more
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By this element employee will know what the target or objective must them achieve and how they can get or achieve it.

Provision of rewards
Al can give rewards to their employee if meet the desired of his company. The example of reward including salary increases, bonuses, promotions, and any incentive for appreciate their employees. By this way, rewards can encouraging a employee to influenced to achieve company’s objective. Moreover, al also can change the behavior and culture in their management.

B) What went wrong? Did Al use the wrong types of controls? Did he use the right types of controls but fail to design or implement them properly? Or was he just unlucky?
AHL lacked direction because they had no corporate goals or code of ethics to direct employees. This created motivation problems as well as they had no objectives to aim for. In strategic aspect, Al should provide a good surround to employees. Al should have created a vision and mission statement. He should have also developed a strategy to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. And also provide some motive give rewards, to let employee works to him more unprejudiced and loyalty. This would have given all employees a sense of direction and perhaps even motivated them to achieve company goals and objectives. Employees should also be educated in corporate strategy, goals and
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