Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra

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Not knowing what to expect when I took my seat at the Atlanta Symphony Hall, I was anxious. I loved hearing any classical music come over the radio for a few seconds as one of my parents turned the knob on the radio while driving. No matter how hard I wished for the knob to stop turning, it never did. The only real experience I had with classical music was during Music class at school and the one teacher who played records in her room during quiet times. But this day was something special. My sister and I were asked to join a small group of teens to attend a concert of the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. The cousin of an attendee would play in the orchestra that year and I was thrilled to be attending. We got to our seats early so we could be sure we were in a good location. The instrumentalists warming up with different sounds and scales all playing at the same time was like listening to the sounds of nature. Everyone had their own different sound. Everyone was playing something different. While I was amazed at what I heard, it wasn’t until the conductor raised his baton and the first sounds from a well-practiced group took my breath away. Every section came together to make the most beautiful sound floating throughout the hall; a sound of excellence.…show more content…
Each one begins and ends with same four words, Praise ye the Lord. In chapter 148, we see how nature is being called out to praise the Lord. Can you imagine if all of nature, everything praised the Lord at one time? I’m sure if we could hear all the sounds of nature singing its praise to the Lord it would be a sound we would never forget. I have a feeling it would bring both amazement and fear. Fear of just how great our Lord is. Praise the Lord from the
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