Atlanta Truck Awareness Essay

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Let An Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Help Protect Your Rights! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 342,000 large trucks were involved in traffic collisions in the United States during 2013. From the data collected by the NHTSA, seventy-one percent of truck accident fatalities were people in other vehicles and seventy-two percent of the injuries were sustained by occupants of other vehicles. This disparity between truck drivers and occupants of other vehicles is likely caused by the difference in weight and size between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles. During a collision, the force of the impact from a commercial truck can literally rip apart or completely crush a passenger vehicle.…show more content…
You have the right to receive compensation for your injuries in a commercial truck accident. Call the Atlanta truck accident attorneys of The Ballard Law Group at 404-220-9906 for a free case…show more content…
The trucking industry is governed by complex federal laws and regulations. You need an experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer who understands trucking regulations and laws to protect your right to a full settlement. For example, large trucks are required to have black boxes (much like the boxes in airplanes) that record critical information such as speed and braking immediately prior to a collision. If you do not hire an attorney with experience handling large truck accident claims, your attorney may fail to take quick action to protect the evidence on the truck’s black box. This could be the evidence you need to prove the truck driver was at fault for the collision. You must prove fault in order to receive compensation for your injuries. Furthermore, insurance companies for the trucking industry aggressively defend truck accident claims because large truck accident claims are usually quite substantial. Therefore, insurance companies have teams of professionals who immediately begin investigating the case to limit the company’s liability. Aggressive insurance adjusters and investigators pursue accident victims to attempt to obtain evidence to use against them or pressure them into settling the claim prior to consulting with an Atlanta personal injury
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