Atlantic Computer Is A Leading Developer Company Of High Tech Servers

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Atlantic Computer is a leading developer company of High Tech Servers; it has recently started manufacturing Basic servers and now company is looking to decide the pricing of the servers based on the four models given in the case i.e status-Quo pricing, competition based pricing, cost-plus pricing and then there is value-in pricing.

Situation analysis

For this situation, Atlantic Computer is a producer of servers and technology products.
Two business sections exist in the server business: High Performance Servers and Basic Servers. Atlantic Computers has held a 20% offer of the High Performance market with their Radia servers being their head item. Then again, the business sector for Basic servers is developing and this has brought about Atlantic Computers to create and present a Basic Server called the Tronn and software called the "Performance Enhancing Server Accelerator" (PESA). The Tronn was created basically for the developing US business market open door for basic servers. The PESA would permit the Tronn to perform up to four times quicker than its standard speed and make regularly asked for data more available. Along these lines, packaging the Tronn and PESA appeared well and good. Atlantic is not worried that the Tronn will be viewed as a substitute for its High Performance servers. They are looking to decide a price of the servers to introduce in the market before the trade show.

SWOT analysis


• Speed of new server is 4 times

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