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Atlantic Computer: A Bundle of Pricing Options * SK50911 양지호 오명은 박종도 윤원영 Summary Atlantic computer’s most important goal is to increase profitability by selling ‘Tronn with PESA’ packages to consumers who want to operate web sites or share files. Among 4 price alternatives suggested in the case, the price based on value-in-use pricing analysis will be charged for ‘Tronn with PESA’ package. To achieve this goal, the company should overcome some impediments; one is that consumers are not accustomed to paying more money for the software tool such as PESA, and the other is that the company does not have sales structure for its new product. To overcome these problems, the company can make the new server product category and…show more content…
As stated above, however, the number of consumer who will benefit from purchasing ‘Tronn with PESA’ package is large enough. The sales of ‘Tronn’ server alone may decrease, but it is not significant for the company because the demands for the package are large enough to maintain market share in the basic server market. Moreover, it is almost impossible that the competitors steal consumers who want to buy ‘Tronn with PESA’ package by cutting their prices.# So the other companies’ price cut is not a significant problem. Solution To overcome consumers’ stereotype that the software tools such as PESA should be provided free and to charge additional price to PESA, we should make a new product category, called 'Specialized server'. 'Specialized server' is named for the reason that the Tronn with PESA is very effective when used especially for operating web server or sharing files. By creating a wholly new product category(but which is not new actually), the Atlantic computer company can make the consumers think in the way that the package is one single product, not the server and the software tool. Also, the package’s name should be changed such as ‘Tronn special’ For example, LED TV is not that different from LCD TV, but by creating the name LED TV and putting it into new product category, consumers started to think that those two products are different. In this way, we could erase out the stereotype
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