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1176 WordsFeb 28, 20155 Pages – Case Study 1. What is the nature of the market segment(s) served by To which VALS group(s) would the typical member be assigned? Based on the services offered on its site, how well does serve its market segment(s)? The nature of the market segments served by is horse enthusiasts and riders based out of Atlantic Canada. With regards to the VALS system, the typical member would be assigned as Makers, who are defined as action-oriented and tend to focus their energy on self-sufficiency. Often found working on their cars, canning their own vegetables, or building their own houses. (Solomon,…show more content…
2. Management at is thinking about finding an endorser for the site. What celebrity endorser do you think would be most effective at drawing new people to the Web site? What cartoon character (existing or new) would be most effective for the task? (For the purposes of this question only, assume cost is not an issue.) With cost being of no concern, I think the most effective celebrity endorser for the website would be a recognizable individual from not just the horse-riding community, but someone well known all over. Utilizing current trends in pop-culture, it would make sense to try and tie together the use of someone who would have some association with horses that is also a popular icon. Perhaps using Jamie Foxx, after his performance in Django Unchained as a cowboy, riding horses and being an admirable character throughout the movie. He is a well recognized celebrity and people from within and outside of the horse-riding community would acknowledge his presence, and thus increase the attraction to what he is endorsing; The most effective cartoon character for the task would have similar applications, as the celebrity, in that they would

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