Atlantis: A City In The Deep Or A Myth

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Atlantis: A City in the Deep or a Myth to be Put to Sleep? The ocean. This large mass of water consumes the Earth with depths of unimaginable proportions. Its dark, blue waters hide from the sun and conceal thousands of mysteries to be discovered. However, some of these mysteries are nowhere to be found and will never be seen by mankind. One of these mysteries is the lost colony of Atlantis. Could a city of such great proportion really have existed? Although many people believe in the destruction of one of the greatest civilizations, it can be proven that Atlantis was never real by its unrealistic given size and the devolved state humans were in. Atlantis was a grand, utopian city with an astonishing history. The story of the fall of Atlantis…show more content…
900 years before Plato’s time, the great Minoan society flourished on the island Crete (Krystek). Due an enormous volcanic explosion, a tsunami surfaced and destroyed the Minoans and their civilization. The similarities of how the Minoans and Atlanteans fell to great waves are very alike. Not only that, but both societies featured advanced systems and evolved methods, such as giving many rights to women. Plus, Atlantis promotes the idea of moral and life values, which were of high importance in Athens (Crye). At the time, many of the great fictional literature were created based off of their societies, so the similarities between Plato’s society and Atlantis are very prevalent in disproving Atlantis’s existence. In fact, there is no other recorded historical literature produced about Atlantis from the time, except Aristotle’s comment on how Plato is able to “conjure nations out of thin air” ( Staff and Aron). Although the source of the Minoan and Athenian societies is a main contributing factor to Atlantis’s nonexistence, there is another giant basis disproving the Atlantean
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