Atlantis: My Obsessive Quest To Find The Sunken City

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Atlantis whenever you hear that word what do you think of. Maybe it is a mystical place where nothing bad ever happens or maybe its a tretorus place where when things are just getting good they take aturn for the worse. Well in todays world we think of both beacuse it is still a mystery that no one has solved till this day. Their are many theories of were it could be and what has really happened to it. So let us get right in to the truth about Atlantis.

So have you ever heard of a place called Atlantis. It is suppose to be a great place with great people. In most minds it is, especially most philosophers. But their was one specific that did not think it was. His name is Plato, he studied education. He was born in 428 B.C.E, He died 348 B.C.E
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So Mark said “I was like, what? The fact that someone could actually search for Atlantis an be taken seriously was wierd.” Mark thought that Atlantis was just a legendary city that hovers in our imagination. That we all wish that we could find but it will never happen because it does not exsist. The book that he wrote called “Meet Me in Atlantis:My Obsessive Quest to Find the Sunken City.” He thinks it brings everything together with a whole bundle of conjecture and gives it to us as a totally new place to look at. In this particual story he talks about he thinks it is off the coast of Morocco. He also talks about an irish man who has the largest database on Atlantis and Atlantis lore. The author also explains how the red sea from the Bible in Exodus splits apart and how it could be related to Atlantis. The author got most of his information from Plato and his dialouges. He was the soul source for the boook he wrote. But before he got into Atlantis he was a non-fictional writer. He was working on a book called Machu Picchu. Which is a real place in peru. Unlike Atlantis Machu Picchu is a place that you can actually visit. It is suppose to be a religous site for Inca leaders and they also thought it could have been a royal estate. The royal estate would of most likely have been biult for inca leaders. The people thought the Inca leaders were demigods. Their main god was…show more content…
You could also think it is a swampy Pre-historic place that is just nasty, maybe you think Plato is just a crazy old man. But it is up to you.

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