Atlas Shrugged Summary

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earlier explained, a full 15 of the 24 items Objectivism would disagree with. A large point of irony is a person who was a registered as a Republican and embraced by so many Republicans, wasn’t in line with much of the points from the republican Platform of the most recent election before she immigrated from Russia. At first it seems Objectivists would be in line since points 1 through 5 are consistent. Some inconsistencies are however, exposed in these first few points. While improvement of the merit system, item 3 is a point supported by Objectivists it is not something currently Republicans agree with as evidenced by their protection of the so-called death tax. The legal mechanism of the estate tax, commonly referred to as the death…show more content…
The longest of these is the decline of the business environment which from the perspective of the author and most who embrace the philosophy, Objectivism is due to Government meddling with the economy. The second is the idea that business leaders are disappearing to an idyllic valley called Atlantis. Finally, there is the search for the creator of a motor by Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden, all three of which are shown to be prime movers. Hank Rearden is one of the prime movers and an adulterous leader of one of the most polluting industries. John Galt, the name stamped on bumper stickers of vehicles across the country I love is the creator of clean energy motor and finally the original title of book is the strike. Dagny Taggart, though not the official CEO of Taggart international is the loan capitalist who stays the course trying to fight for best elements of capitalism, success in business by building a profit centered organization that workers want to work for. These points are important and ironic. The same group that clings to family values and the days of old when children could swim and fish in the local stream cheers on two adulterers who belch toxic smoke into the air and leach destructive chemicals into waterways. (Rand,…show more content…
The ideas set forth in the book do “have important admirers, like House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. Recently, House Speaker John Boehner channeled Rand when he said, ‘Job creators in America basically are on strike.’” Self-interest is not necessarily about being selfish but rather doing what is best for oneself. This thought process, again sits in opposition to something many followers of Objectivism tenants hold in high esteem, Christian values. Today’s Republican party “platform called state court decisions legalizing same-sex marriage ‘an assault on the foundations of our society.’ " This assault is based supposedly from the Bibles objection to homosexuality. The Bible, however, would has strong statements against adultery. Here again it is disingenuous for Atlas Shrugged main characters to be heroes rather than
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