Atmospheric Nicotine Research Paper

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Atmospheric nicotine is the vapour phase nicotine released during smoking. Considering the fact that nicotine has deleterious effect on human health, it has been recommended to stop using this substance in any form (smoking/chewing/e-cigarette). Toxicity of nicotine shows its effect not only on human health resulting in various types of cancers but also the surrounding environment including animals. The recent original research paper by Jingyan Yang etal [1], has measured the levels of vapour-phase nicotine present at various public places that included schools, hospitals, government buildings and entertainment avenues and compared the results with the baseline nicotine concentrations present prior to 2008. The study results have showed that…show more content…
Apart from filtered cigarettes, unfiltered nicotine is also smoked (beedi, cigar etc) throughout the country and especially in the rural settings. Among the other places that should have been selected for such kind of evaluation of nicotine in the air are the apartments. With growing apartment culture, where the concentration of people is more at a given area, high nicotine in the atmosphere if present may cause serious health hazards. Public parks, gardens and the places where people go for walks for want of fresh air may also be considered as potential areas for exposure to second hand smoke (SHS) and should be measured for the presence of nicotine in the air.
In conclusion it must be noted that although a law has been passed long ago that prohibits smoking in public places, enforcement has not achieved 100% due to the failure of both the public and the government which is mainly attributed to ignorance of the legislature. Extensive advertisement and heavy punishment could contribute to nicotine free atmosphere. Also studies involving estimation of levels of atmospheric nicotine must be encouraged and effective measures must be initiated to control nicotine use in different forms so as to avoid the health care costs associated with the resultant long term
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