Atomic Bomb In Canada

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On August sixth 1945, 8:15 AM, the first successful atomic bomb in offense was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan exploding a minute later. Due to Canada’s involvement in the making of the destructive weapon many people changed their perspective over the Canadians into a negative way.

In order to start the Manhattan project, they needed specific resources; Uranium and Plutonium. Later on they discovered that with the nuclear fission of these two chemicals they could start chain reactions that would pass on a large amount of disastrous heat energy. Though what the citizens didn’t know was that each miner that was working to find Uranium, instantly had his life at risk for the project. Those miners were exposed to radioactive rays that could cause
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The Great Bare Lake was constantly polluted with mine waste that included extremely severe chemicals such as Uranium and Plutonium. The locals did not know that such chemicals were dumped into their lake, therefore they remained using it for food, bathing and many more ways which soon got them in a serious need of health care. “Mining officials were warned that exposure to radium dust was harmful.” If the mining officials knew, why didn’t they at least send a message of warning? Canada was then looked at as a horrifying place to live in, how could their own country do this to them. The water that was then polluted ruined the environment including the plants and animals that were feeding off the water which was then fed to the citizens. “Water is used to make every product on Earth.” If water is polluted and wasted but also used as the main source of water for the whole community, can you imagine how much people will suffer because one government failed to give out notice to their own citizens?! This sent out a very shameful message of Canada, and sent out the word of carelessness and indecency to every
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