Atomic Bomb In World War 2 Essay

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The Necessity of the Atomic Bomb in World War II The creation of the atomic bomb came about after Albert Einstein warned President Franklin Roosevelt about the Germans experimenting with nuclear technology and recommended its military potential for the US. The Manhattan project was then commission to research and build atomic weapons. After the surrender of Germany and Italy as well as the death of President Roosevelt, Harry Truman was thrown into the driver’s seat and had to deal with last fighting Axis Power, Japan. Truman assembled multiple committees of high ranking military officials in order to decide whether to use the atomic bomb to force Japan’s surrender. The committee members came to a unanimous decision that the atomic…show more content…
Maddox argues that Japanese militants were prepared to fight as long as it took to achieve their goal, regardless of the repercussions. The Japanese were adamantly against the acceptance of unconditional surrender that would destroy the military empire and pledged to “prosecute the war to the bitter end.” Since the US could not accept Japan’s conditions, Maddox argues that Truman’s only options were to invade Japan or use the atomic force. Maddox, finally, argues that the loss of American life associated with invading Japan was unacceptable to Truman and was the reason behind the sanctioning the use of the atomic bomb (Maddox,…show more content…
I believe that Harry Truman made the best decision with the knowledge he had at the time. To Truman “waiting it out” was not a viable option. Wars were still being fought, and American POW’s were still in Japanese camps. The use of the atomic bomb expedited the end of the war. Using the atomic bomb not only cost the least amount of American lives, but also most likely cost the least amount of Japanese lives when compared to the lives that would have been lost during an invasion. While Hasegawa had some valid arguments, such as the effect of the Soviet invasion on the Japanese surrender, he ignores the amount information that Truman had available to him when making the
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