Atomic Bomb In Ww2

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The use of the atomic bomb in world war 2 is probably one of the most controversial and infamous act of war that humanity has committed in its history. The weapon is so deadly that it hasn't been used in any war since. The nuclear weapon has caused so many problems after its creation and use. It has caused a nuclear scare which reached its pinnacle in the cuban missile crisis. Although the sacre is still prevalent today with America's recent involvement in the Syrian crisis. Some countries have even got rid of their nukes and encourage other countries to get rid of theirs to get rid of the fear. Nuclear deterrence is sucha big deal that countries are afraid of nukes, but don't want to get rid of theirs. These nukes can have devastating effects…show more content…
“In the days following the American nuclear attack on Hiroshima, Dr. Michihiko Hachiya noticed strange symptoms among his patients. Some of the survivors who had made their way to the Hiroshima Communications Hospital complained of vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and general malaise in addition to their more visible wounds” (A Very Pleasant Way to Die': Radiation Effects and the Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb against Japan). Then in the next eleven days new symptoms had started to appear. The patients had hemorrhages under their skin which appeared as a pattern of dots. Then in the following days the death rate had begun to go down since the initial impact of the bomb had started to go down had started to start going back up again. Some of the people who had only gotten minor injuries from the impact seemed to be on their way to recovery then out of nowhere died after getting these new symptoms. These symptoms are caused due to nuclear radiation. We even had information about it to “Even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, information gathered by the Health Division during the war might have allowed Japanese physicians to better cope with the mysterious “atomic bomb disease” that continued to kill long after the surrender”(A Very Pleasant Way to Die': Radiation Effects and the Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb against Japan).…show more content…
As previously mentions waiting for Russia to help us is one. Another alternative Dower describes could be “Within the Manhattan Project, the possibility of dropping the bomb on a "demonstration" target, with Japanese observers present, had been broached but rejected” (Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Politics of Memory). My counter argument to this would be that fact that nukes were still a relatively new type of weapon. There could've been a possibility that the bomb would not go off. This failed demonstration would of left us with only one more bomb with another taking a hole to make. It would of made us look weak and could have increased the Japanese fighting spirit to keep fighting in the war. This would of also left us with only one more nuke left and another would take some time to make. Maybe if we had only dropped one bomb it would have not been enough to make Japan surrender. Lastly us showing them what kind of weapon we have at our hands would ruin our element of surprise. The Japaneses knowing this could have used their prisoners of war to protect themselves against our bomb. Another option Frank describes could be “Naval and air officers advocated continuation of the ongoing campaign of bombardment and blockade. This strategy contemplated killing Japanese by the tens or hundreds of thousands with bombs and shells, and by
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