Atomic Rating Labels And Energy Star Programme Essay

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3.3.2 Energy rating labels and energy star programme: Energy rating labels are a way to provide the information about the energy performance of the product so that the consumer can make a decision about the energy and cost saving potential while purchasing appliances. Labelling has been created to standardize the appliances under specific conditions. Star rating has been provided to show how much efficient the product is. Consumers can easily compare among the different models as well as different star rating products. Energy star programme is designed to meet a high standard of energy efficiency. The Energy star label is awarded by the government to the products which meets superior energy efficiency requirements set by the regulations. Energy star programme is one of the successful programmes of EECA since 2005. This program is an integral part of the Energywise programme which is to make people aware and encourage them towards energy efficiency products and practices. Currently, it is a voluntary programme and doesn’t cost to manufacturers while taking part in the programme. A wide variety of businesses and brands of the products are taking advantage of being aligned with energy star programme. 3.4 Capacity building and awareness program: Energy spot is an awareness program running by EECA to help people to understand the importance of energy efficiency. A range of area and specific topics on energy efficiency is available. The messages are being given by television

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