Atoms for Peace Analysis Essay

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Dwight D Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States from 1953-1960, is revered as a statesman and great military leader. Born in Texas in 1890 and raised in Kansas to a family that valued education, Eisenhower began a long career as a leader and military officer upon his graduation in 1915 from West Point. Eisenhower is recognized for his leadership and oratorical skills which he applied to both military endeavors and managing the nation. He was fortunate to be mentored by General Fox Conner, in the Panama Canal Zone. Conner encouraged him to study important works of history, military science, and philosophy which Eisenhower applied to his own efforts and experiences. Eisenhower later moved up the military ranks to five star…show more content…
The audience’s biases and beliefs both impeded and helped Eisenhower’s proposal. Eisenhower’s diction was appropriate for his audience; though he used some jargon, the members were able to understand because of their level of knowledge. His appeals, mostly to pathos and ethos, were effective. He established ethos by addressing the meeting with France and Great Britain, and through his position as President. Eisenhower’s use of rhetoric allowed his audience to be receptive to his argument. In Eisenhower’s introduction he does not construct the reality and frame the question effectively. He does not make his purpose clear in his introduction either. Even though in the first paragraph Dwight mentions that his speech will be about the issues of society today, he does not mention those issues much farther in the text. The structure of his arguments contribute to his persuasion. Eisenhower would begin by telling the audience what the issues at hand are, then would say his solution to each problem. For example, around the 21st paragraph, Eisenhower uses a first, second and finally method. In those, he states some issues such as, “the knowledge now possessed by several nations will eventually be shared by others—possibly all others.” Then Dwight goes to suggest the solution or solutions to the previously stated problems. Also, throughout the piece, he
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