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ENG4Ud October 7, 14 Ian McEwan - Atonement Everything we do or have done is affected by the challenges we face. Whether they are good or bad or if they are from someone in our lives or if it is a conflict we have to face, these things will be what challenge us to push us harder for our dreams to come true. Having dreams are a good thing with Briony, hers where to be a famous writer, and this all started with the play she wanted to through for her brother Leon. Also conflict plays a pretty big roll with Briony, especially what had happen to her cousin Lola and Paul Marshall. The last one that impacted the message to Briony was wither her sister Cecilia and Robbie, this was a big controversy about them never getting back together. No…show more content…
But soon as Lola got married to Paul Marshall it final clicked into Briony that Robbie never actually raped Lola, it was actually Paul Marshall. When Briony figured this out she never looked at Lola ever again or even contacted her because she had put an innocent man in jail. Even though Briony sent the wrong person to jail she couldn’t look at Lola the same because she never opened her mouth to tell her the actual person was who raped her and that was mostly an obstacle that Briony had to face. The one thing that impacted the message to Briony about her conflict between everyone was mostly Cecilia and Robbie. This wouldn’t have happened if Briony never opened up the sexual letter Robbie had written to Cecilia but gave her the wrong letter and also gave it to Briony to give it to her. Even though Briony still gave her sister the letter, that night she meet up with Robbie to discuses the letter but one thing led to another and they started having sex. But Briony walked in on them and thought that Robbie was raping her. During that same night Briony found Lola in the forest being raped. When they went back to the house everyone asked who did this to her and the person she thought that did was Robbie just because earlier she thought that he was doing the same this to Cecilia. Ever since that day Cecilia has never for gave her for sending her Boyfriend to jail and also he had to serve in the war. After Briony had figured out
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