Atonement Theme Analysis

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“My darling one, you are young and lovely, But inexperienced, and though you think The world is at your feet, It can rise up and tread on you” (Part 1, Chapter 1, Page 16). Briony Tallis is an ambitious thirteen-year-old girl who dreams of one day becoming a famous author. Her first work is a play titled “The Trials of Arabella” that she writes and plans to perform in celebration of the return of her older brother Leon. This stanza was taken from Arabella’s father’s monologue as he explains to her right before she is about to leave with her lover that she is much too young to understand the world and is not ready for it. This play itself foreshadows for Briony’s loss of innocence in the first part of the novel that begins when she…show more content…
I was very frustrated when I learned the two sisters did not reconcile and that Robbie and Cecilia did not have their happy ending. Cecilia falls in love with Robbie Turner who belongs to the working class, whereas she belongs to the upper class; despite their different social classes, they manage to have a deep connection that Cecilia’s parents do not have. “I like to think it was… a final act of kindness…to let my lovers live and to unite them at the end” (London, 1999, Page 350). Many years after the end of World War 2, Briony achieves her dream of being an accomplished writer and is about to celebrate her birthday by returning to the Tallis estate now transformed into a hotel. This quote is taken from her explanation as to why she reunites Robbie and Cecilia in her version of the story, so she could give them their happiness as an alternative ending to the story because she could not in real life. The majority of the story is about Briony trying to atone for her crimes, hence the title. In her story, after attending the wedding of Lola Quincey and Paul Marshall, Briony finds her sister’s residence and tries to apologize for what she did. However, in the end as she reflects back she did not in fact reconcile with her sister and Robbie. For a hopeless romantic, this quote gives me hope knowing that in a special way, Robbie and Cecilia get their fairytale ending in the end. After reading the book, my friend persuaded me to watch the movie
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