Atrial Rhabdomyoma: A case Presentation and Review

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Atrial Rhabdomyoma: A case Presentation and Review
Primary heart tumours are uncommon in pediatric with an occurrence about 0.28% in autopsy sequence. These tumours are the majority benign tumours (90%), but 10% are malignant. The most frequently primary benign pediatric heart tumour is rhabdomyoma, that frequently placed in the ventricles but they may also originate in the atriums and the atrioventricular junction. It includes more than 60% of the entire number of benign primary cardiac tumours during fetal and childhood . The cardiac teratoma and fibroma are next the most commonly primary cardiac tumors. 1-4
About a third of these tumors are detected at less than one year of age3 and the mean age of appearance is 12-13 years.5
Primary cardiac tumours is presented with the classic heart symptoms consequential from obstruction of blood flow, myocardial strain, and other symptoms. 424
Heart tumours primarily are arising in the pericardium, muscle layer and the internal lining of the heart.
Generally secondary malignant cardiac tumours are about15 times more common than primary malignant cardiac tumours [4].
The presenting manifestation depend on the dimension and site of the mass. The manifestation of a heart tumour in foetal life period includes dysrrhythmia, congestive heart failure (CHF), hydrops of fatal, and uncommonly stillbirth. In the postnatal life and infancy heart tumours can influence function of the nearby cardiac structures and leading to
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