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AT&T Wireless: Business Analysis AT&T has been a growing company for more than a century. Their mission is to connect people with their world; everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else (AT&T website). Careful analysis of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will provide a forecast of the likeliness of the company living up to their mission. Looking at the organizations past and current performance it would be difficult to say if the company can and will live up to such an ambitious mission and whether investing in this company is a sound decision.
SWOT Analysis
AT&T has many strengths that have made placed it number 12 in the Fortune 500 ranking. Its
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Threats The telecommunications market is an ever-growing market that provides newer and faster technology constantly, which is why the biggest threat to AT&T are the aggressive competition in the wireless services are and the emerging technology they bring. They have lost exclusivity of the iPhone. Not only is AT&T threatened by the market but also by the damage that natural disasters and severe weather can cause to equipment that is crucial to provide services.
AT&T’s internal and external stakeholders have different wants and needs. AT&T strives to meet them all but making everyone happy all the time is not always possible. All stakeholders are important to a company and could potentially damage the company’s standing. Customers are one of the most important stakeholders because if they develop a negative perception of the company or its products, its sales and profits assuredly will decline (Encyclopedia of Business). The customers are in need of smartphones and wireless services that allow them to keep up to date in today’s fast paced business world. Therefore, AT&T is working on merging with T-Mobile in order to offer uncongested wireless services. Furthermore they are meeting a customer need and contributing to society with their new Drive Mode application that will prevent people to be distracted with the phone while

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