Atta Girl: A Fictional Narrative

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Erin strengthened herself for work. She knew that the gossip mill was probably full fledge on, so she had to have her game face on. She’d already been scheduled for 2 weeks off due to her wedding but since Monica was taking her place bathing in the suns in the South of France, she’d just taken the 2 weeks of leave and had gathered herself up. She was still going through slight depression at the betrayal but she was better now. She felt better than she had the first week, where she’d just cried herself into a stupor and ate tub upon tub of ice cream. Her father had called her and talked to her. It was that call that made her even strong enough to go back. She could still remember his softly spoken words. For each storm that comes, life…show more content…
She'd been referring to the fact that he still lived at home with his parents... Or as he claimed it they lived with him. Zander was an amazing friend. He was always there for her and able to pull her out of any mood. She’d had a crush on him for a while before she realized that Max was what she’d thought she’d wanted. Zander was 29 year old musician who lived with his family still. He had gone to school for business and had almost gotten his degree before he’d just stopped. He never told her why he stopped but he'd just quit in his last year. Erin had liked him but he wasn’t a forever type of guy. **** Erin walked to the break room in dire need of tea. She didn’t drink coffee but needed something that had a bunch of caffeine in it. As she walked in everyone got quiet. She looked and saw why Max was in the middle of the group. Previously he’d been talking to one of their associates. Bitterness rose up at that. He’d cheated and done wrong yet she was the only one who was being stared at like a freak show. She was the only one who was being talked to like a…show more content…
I know this sounds silly and stupid since I’m crying over pizza but Zan I really really love you.” He just hugged her to him as she sobbed her pains away. She held on tight as she cried for what she felt was forever. After a while with her still in his arms and on his lap he reached for a slice of pizza. Between her crying he feed her slices. He couldn’t help the chuckle that came out from him as he watched her try to cry and eat at the same time She sniffled as she chewed on her food “W-w-what’s so funny?” He smiled at her tenderly as he smoothed her hair back “You… You’re the only one I know who would be able to cry and eat yet still look so beautiful that it makes a man’s heart ache.” She looked at him dubiously but snuggled in closer to his chest since it was so broad and warm “Zand you’re literally the best guy in the
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