Attachment, A Deep And Emotional Bond

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When we consider the term attachment we may look to John Bowlby for an explanation who stated that ‘attachment is a deep and emotional bond that connects one person to another through space and time’ this is a great analogy, however what we do know about attachment is that it can be one sided, it is possible for one person to attach themselves or create a bond with a person that doesn’t reciprocate their feelings. An attachment may be considered as a likeness or kinship when the feeling is mutual.
Sociability is characterised as a personality trait, such as ‘she is very social’ however this does not mean that a social person generates ‘connections’ with people, for instance a child can be very social within their peer group but may struggle to empathise with their peers as they cannot form a secure bond.
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Question 1.
Q-Name two studies into attachment theory and explain their outcomes?
• John Bowlby- ‘Maternal deprivation hypothesis’
Bowlby proposed mental health and behavioural problems could be traced back to early childhood. His theory was that children should not be deprived of contact with their mother in the primary stages of development as this is when relationships and bonds are being formed. He believed that the consequences of maternal depravation would have devastating effects on the child as they developed into adulthood, He believed that this would lead the individual to have mental health problems or to be deviant.
‘What is believed to be…
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