Attachment Among Infants And How Their Stages Of Attachment With Their Caregivers

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Attachment is an affectional tie that an infant forms with a caregiver—a tie that binds them together in space and endures over time [1]. Though attachment can be formed in different ways. Attachment can be used in a relationship, such as, a women growing extreme feelings for a man and the feeling is mutual, but the women begins to always wanting to be around. Though, this essay will not cover intimate relationships. This essay will be covering attachment among infants and how their stages of attachment with their caregivers. Attachment begins in stages. It involves seven stages that is from birth until life ends. In the first stage, in includes birth to six weeks. It is called preattachment. Basically, the newborn cry and do body movement to get others attention. With that, the newborn is then comforted. The second stage is from six week to eight months. This stage is called attachment in the making. The newborn react to familiar facial features and their voice, touch and expressions. The third stage is from ages eight months to two years. This stage is called classic secure attachment. In this stage, the newborn greets the caregiver and show emotional signs whenever left alone by the caregiver. This is about the age where the newborn and caregiver share more of an attachment. The fourth stage is from age two to six. It is called attachment is a launch pad. Young children seek their caregiver’s praise and reassurance as their social world expands [1]. The child is also
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