Attachment And Loss Volume 1

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Attachment and Loss Volume 1 - Attachment John Bowlby, Pimlico, 1997 Attachment and Loss Volume 1 is part of a trilogy by John Bowlby (1907-1990) on seeking a theoretical formulation to attachment behaviour to explain the nature of the bonds between a child and its mother. John Bowlby sets out to “discuss the theoretical implications of some observations of how young children respond to temporary loss of mother”. He recognised that he would need to develop a theory of behaviour control using a scientific approach; establishing the grounds for his view and his reasons for assuming it. The psychic energy model employed by Freud is still regarded as untestable and other psychoanalytic theories have historically has been worked from an existing state, backward to an earlier development. Bowlby wanted a theory that extrapolated forward from any occurrence deemed to be possibly pathogenic to the developing personality. “In the place of psychical energy and its discharge, the central concepts are those of behavioural systems and their control, of information, negative feedback, and a behavioural form of homeostasis.” Almost half of the book is regarding Bowlby’s exploration and exposition of the biological and psychological basis for attachment. He provides and exceedingly in-depth investigation into instinctive behaviour, its cause, function and ontogeny. He explores what behaviour is termed instinctive and its traits, the control systems that regulate it and discusses how
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