Attachment Is The Emotional Bond Created By A Child With Their Primary Caregiver

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Attachment is the emotional bond created by a child with their primary caregiver, which is normally the mother. An example of attachment would be if the mother left the baby, and the baby cries from her absence. The connection normally begins when the child is around six months of age. It’s key for infants to develop. Babies aren’t comfortable away from their mothers. It varies around the world, but it is still very important no matter where the infant is from. It is mainly studied. (Child & Adolescent Development) According to Psychology Today, attachment is key to social, emotional, cognitive, and personality development. It also affects all of the child’s relationships throughout his or her life. The attachment system provides the…show more content…
They both observed children experiencing intense distress once separated from their mothers. Although they were fed by other caregivers, it did not eliminate their anxiety. This resulted in the behavioral theory of attachment, which showed the child’s connection with their mother. The theory states that the child becomes attached to the mother simply because she feeds them. According to Bowlby, attachment was a "lasting psychological connections between human beings". In 1958, attachment was found that the caregiver provides security. Children 's natural response would be to seek safety and security when under stress. (McLeod) Mary Ainsworth followed on Bowlby’s study. She developed the Strange Situation to observe the attachment between a caregiver and a child. This procedure is done by the child playing and the caregiver leaving the room after twenty minutes and strangers entering. The stranger comes in and talks to the parents and then to the child. The parent slips out while the stranger talks to the child. Then the parent comes back in. The experiment results are made the child acts when the parents leaves and when they enter the room. This procedure will either result in secure or insecure attachment. (Mary Ainsworth) Secure attachment is when a child is securely attached to the caregiver. They will cry when the caregiver leaves and happy when they return. Insecure-resistant attachment is anxious around the stranger even when the parents is with
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