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EXTERNAL ATTACHMENT REPORT INSTITUTION: KIMATHI UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. OF TECHNOLOGY. COURSE: BSC.INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY NAME: PETER LYANDA BARAZA. REG.NO: C025-0630/09. COMPANY: KARUTURI LIMITED COMPANY. NAIVASHA. DURATION: 13th FEB 2012 -14TH April 2011. SUBMISSION DATE: 8TH MAY 2012. Scope /purpose. The Industrial Attachment program fulfils part of the requirement in pursuing the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Kimathi University College. (Constituent college of JKUAT). This attachment however is purposely meant to bring into practice the knowledge and skills gained in classroom and also enable the student to understand practical working methodologies in different…show more content…
Almost their entire produce is exported to high-value markets such as Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bahrain, Muscat, Dubai, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Brunei and North America, with a small portion sold in India. Having established our strong presence in floriculture, they now aim to broad base their portfolio into a larger agri-produce basket. The acquisition of large tracts of land in Ethiopia has set the stage for them to become a complete agriculture production company. their goal now is to make a significant contribution to alleviate the global and african food crisis. Equipped with a robust and de-risked business model, Karuturi company Limited aims at other fast-growing business realms are food processing, floriculture retail including a flower auction portal and information technology. | | 2.0 DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKSTATION. 2.1 SOFTWARE SECTION. 2.1.1 SOFTWARE SUPPORT MAINTENANCE AND OTHER SERVICES a) Installation * |Installation is done from the server where most of the company software are stored for security and easy access services. The following are the categories of software we installed: * Operating systems-the company machines run on Microsoft operating systems. They include; Windows XP, Windows vista, and Windows 7.some machines we upgraded to run on the latest versions of Windows. * Antivirus software-the company is licensed by the Avast

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