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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost I would like to thank Jehovah in the heavens for the gift of life (2 Cor 9:15) and opportunity to be attached at Delta Beverages during my industrial attachment. To you oh Jehovah I owe all the blessings and success that have come my way. To my Father, I greatly appreciate the wisdom he communicated to me in various ways that only maturity could interpret. Please continue to guide me through this quest of life as learning never ends. Not forgetting my colleagues Tafadzwa, Clive and Nigel, gentlemen your honest opinions and encouragement greatly contributed to my attitude towards work. Many thanks to the Delta Beverages-Transport services directorate, management and staff for the wonderful privilege…show more content…
The company traces its roots back to 1988 when the foundation stone was laid by the Salisbury Larger Brewery and Ice Factory. It was listed on the Stock Exchange in 1946 as Rhodesian Breweries Limited. It later changed its name to Delta Corporation in 1978. But to ensure that it was able to maintain and develop this impressive business and social leadership, Delta needed to ensure that it was the right size and shape to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities that continually presented themselves. Therefore, after almost twenty years of development and diversification, the bold decision was taken at the very highest levels of management to transform this highly esteemed blue-chip conglomerate into a totally integrated beverages business, which would take a leading role in the local market while proving Zimbabwe to be one of the best beverage manufactures and providers in the region. Between 2001 and 2002, Delta undertook the first step of re-shaping its business and emerged, shedding off its non-core operations such as OK Zimbabwe Limited, Pelham’s Limited and Zimbabwe Sun Limited allowing them to establish their own visions for growth and expansion. By 2002, the emerging process was complete and Delta moved into the next phase. It integrated its structures standardizing a vast array of systems, policies and processes with the objective of creating a simpler, more effective

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