Attachment Styles : Secure Attachment Style

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Attachments Styles
Secure Attachment Style. People who refer to this category have a positive view of themselves and of the other people also. I suppose this category could fit Daniel Cleaver from “Bridget Jones`s Diary”. That is because they are true optimists and it is their life philosophy to trust people and not only those who they love (Harms, 2011). They consider a person as such who deserves being treated kindly and respectfully. They feel secure about people and do not get ready to defend themselves because they do not put themselves in a position of defense from the outside world. They are open to the world. Moreover, they know there might be difficulties and conflicts, but still they do not afraid of them. In the adult life, these people “tend to develop low anxiety and low avoidance when it comes to forming and keeping relationships through life” (“Attachment Styles: Overcoming Fear, Embracing Intimacy At Last”, 2012). Problems are getting less noticeable for this category of people. How often we may notice people who make an issue out of nothing. Secure adults do not tend to create dramas comparing to the other categories` representatives.
Avoidant/Dismissive Attachment Style. Comparing to the secure people, avoidant/dismissive people tend to develop high avoidance “and low anxiety” («Attachment Styles: Overcoming Fear, Embracing Intimacy At Last», 2012). If secure people tend to trust people, avoidant people are just the opposite. I would place Mark Darcy from…
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