Attachment Theory : An Effective Loving And Attuned Parenting Style

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Attachment Theory Attachment theory is based on the belief that humans are wired to connect with others and that the attachment patterns established in early childhood tend to continue throughout life and that as human beings we are wired to connect and seek healthy social engagement and connectedness with others. Early bonds with our parents/caregivers sets the tone in patterns for how we pursue future relationships with others, and, more importantly how we see our place in the world (Berzoff, Flanagan, & Hertz, 2011). The theory grew out of the initial work done by John Bolwby, who worked with homeless and orphaned children after WWII. It was at this time, that he observed the profound and persistent effects of the absence of a caring maternal caregiver figure on these children who lacked but yet desired attention, love and attunement. In later years, Mary Ainsworth established the idea of secure base or the idea that an effective, loving and attuned parenting style gives the child a sense of freedom of safety to explore the world and environment around them knowing that they can always go back to a secure and safe place, that of the mother or primary caregiver. This type of attachment is referred to secure attachment because, ideally, with a consistent and attentive care from one or more parents, the child develops a sense of safety and is able to respond well to their parent or primary caregiver, and in turn can also interact well with a stranger, but will
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