Attachment Theory By John Bowlby

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Attachment theory constituted by John Bowlby suggested the child’s early attachment with primary caregiver predicts their later adulthood relationship style. There are three patterns of adult attachment theory: secure, avoidant, and ambivalent relationship styles. First, the secure relationship style shows few problems with developing satisfying friendships and relationships, such as trusting others and developing the bond with others (Larson & Buss, 2014). Second, the avoidant relationship style portrays by having difficulty in making commitments, relying on others, and trusting others because they are afraid of being disappointed (Larson & Buss, 2014). Lastly, the ambivalent relationship style is characterized as having high levels…show more content…
While he was dating her, he began to realize that he was not interested in having an intimate relationship. When he invited Donna to move in with him temporarily, he realized he made a mistake, as he never had a girl sleeping with him on the same bed for a couple of nights. He was worried of losing his freedom and scared that the relationship would not have worked out like any of the girls that he has dated. On the first couple of nights, she cuddled with him before she fell asleep, but he felt uncomfortable because he was not accustomed to sleeping with a woman on the same bed. He thought he would become acclimated with sleeping with her every night, except he was wrong. He has already hoped to tell her to move back to her own place, but would not kick her out as he thought she would get angry or upset. They never had problems with each other nor fought. Although his girlfriend was busy studying for her midterm at his apartment, he did not enjoy coming home to see her. Especially he did not care to greet her with hug and kiss, as any loving boyfriend would do. Donna realized he was not happy, so she gave him a space as much as she could, by leaving him alone. There were times that he neglected her, by playing computer games, or looking through Instagram pictures. Donna could not handle the cold shoulder that he was giving her, so she confronted him about it. After weeks of living with his
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