Attachment Theory : Child Bonds With Their Mother

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Attachment Theory is usually where a child bonds with their mother (caregiver) the emotional bond enables them to connect to a person. Conversely the bond may not be mutual for example the infant maybe attached with their caregiver this usually is their mother but the mother may not knowledge the same emotional bond to the child according to Bowlby 1969 and Ainsworth 1973. Having the bond between them it is known to have healthy attachment relationships, building a good mental health as they grow into adults. The attachment they was established by the British D John Bowlby. Bowlby stated that the bonds of relationships tend to form at the earliest ages giving the child a better chance to of surviving in the world. General the caregiver would provide their infants with basic needs to develop this then creates the infant to feel sense of secure bond and become dependable towards their caregiver according to Bowlby 2005, p151. According to Bowlby’s theory; on evolution suggests infants were bought into the world and they are biologically pre-programmed to produce healthy attachments with others as they grow. It is widely known that food is one of the basic needs of infant however Bowlby believed that attachment comes from care and responsiveness not food. Although Bowlby also stated that is the child has not revived any form of bond or attachment from birth up 5 years of age child may suffer from many disturbances as they get older e.g. aggression, can’t commit to

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