Attachment Theory Of The Human Condition

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Attachment is an integral part of the human condition, through it bonds are created between child and caregiver and these bond help contribute to a developing person’s sense of self and the world around them. These feeling of connection carry over from parent, to child, to later life from the person to their partner and then their own children. Attachment theory grew out of the understanding that young children in their early fragile stages of development require protection and security to increase their chance of survival, protection is present in the form of the parents from whom physical and a psychological sense of security comes. The infant sees their parents as a protector and a secure base through which they can always turn to in moments of stress when experiencing the world (Browne & Shlosberg, 2006). The theory of attachment grew out of the work of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, through their work with the “Strange Situation” tests they were able to determine how a child’s attachment style develops with relation to the parents. The test consisted of have a mother and 12 month old child enter a room with toys, allow for the child to adjust and explore briefly, then the mother would leave and return twice and at a point during her departure a stranger would enter the room. From the child’s behavior during these different points in the test Bowlby and Ainsworth where able formulate and idea about the child’s attachment (Wallin, 2007). Their study found that
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