Attachment Theory : Relationship Between Parent Or Other Caregiver And The Child

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According to Susan Robbins (2011), attachment theory emphasizes the importance of the interaction between parent or other caregiver and the child. The child participates in the interaction, which results in emotional bonding. She argued that the basic principles of attachment theory state that a relationship exists between experience and being able to later bond with others, hence the importance of bonding. She also states that the behavior of the parent’s is complementary to attachment behavior. Successful attachment is dependent upon a secure base. Understanding a child’s attachment behavior and shaping their own behavior to unlay the child’s fears and anxiety and willingness to allow a child to explore which shows a respect for the child’s interest (Susan Robin, 2011). A secure attachment is necessary for healthy emotional development. It encourages exploration and the tolerance for separation without undue distress. Secure attachment fosters independence, mastery and a sense of self-regulation. It lets the child know she or he is worthy of receiving proper care and attention and develops a sense of self- worth and self- esteem ( Susan Robin, 2011). In Max’s case it seems like he did not have a successful attachment with his mother. According to the information provided, Max’s great Aunt, Agnes was the only one who tried to develop a secure attachment with Max. According to the information received, she was a very engaged caregiver, dressing, feeding, playing, singing,
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