Attachment Theory : The Joint Work Of John Bowlby And Mary Ainsworth Essay

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Hector Saenz
Mr. Nowakowski
October 30 2016
Attachment Theory The Attachment theory is the joint work of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth.
Worries the significance of "Attachment" as to self-improvement. In particular, it makes the claim that the capacity for a person to shape an enthusiastic and physical "connection" to someone else gives a feeling of solidness and security important to go out on a limb, fan out, and develop and create as a personality. Actually, Attachment theory is an expansive thought with numerous expressions, and the best comprehension of it can be had by taking a look at a few of those expressions turn. Strong attachment between mother and child is shown through physical contact and while holding the child, they face each other. Adolescents Form Attachments with Peers as a child reaches adolescence, they tend to depart away from the attachment relationships with any parental type figure. Attachment bonds between parents and adolescents are Treated by many adolescents more like ties that restrain than like ties that anchor and secure, and a key task of adolescence is to develop autonomy so as no longer to need to rely on parents ' support when making one 's way through the world . A way of seeking independence from the parents is to rely more on peers as attachment figures. Eventually, adolescents will form long-term relationships with their peers that may be of the romantic kind, which may become full attachment relationships. These
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