Attachment Theory on Socio-Emtionals Development of Children

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Attachment Theory: One of the most studied topics in today’s psychology is the attachment theory whose common references are from attachment models by Bowlby and Ainsworth. Since its introduction, the concept has developed to become one of the most significant theoretical schemes for understanding the socio-emotional development of children at an early stage. In addition, the theory is also developing into one of the most prominent models that guide parent-child relationships. Some of the key areas in these relationships that are guided by attachment theory include child welfare, parenting programs, daycare, head start programs, schools, and hospitals. Furthermore, attachment theory plays a crucial role as a concept that informs social…show more content…
Together with her colleagues, she laid the foundation that expanded the concept of attachment into an experience that is open to empirical evaluation. Ainsworth’s started her work by strategically observing maternal reaction and sensitivity to the needs of infants in order to further examine and understand the intimate bonding exchange between mother and infant. Therefore, attachment theory explains the behavior of infants towards their attachment figures during separation and reunion periods.
Analysis of Attachment Theory: Based on this theory, attachment relationships are emotional bonds between individuals that serve a biological function, particularly for infants and young children (Hardy & Bellamy, 2013). These relationships protect infants and young children during a period when they are too small to protect themselves by keeping them in proximity to their caregivers. Since infants and young children develop an emotional bond to attachment figures who constantly offer care and comfort, they experience less stress levels and a high sense of calm and safety. The basis of attachment theory is the need for infants to feel safe and secure because of their inability to care for and protect themselves.
The attachment theory suggests that infants and young children are extremely dependent on their caregivers because their nervous system is still immature and their inability to calm and soothe themselves. Therefore, primary caregivers or

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