Essay on Attachment and Separation in Adulthood

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A qualitative study showing how childhood experiences of attachment and separation can affect relationships in adulthood. Abstract This qualitative research was conducted to ascertain if the attachment style a person has as an adult is created or influenced by his/her interactions with early childhood experiences. The research was carried out by means of a thematic analysis of an interview of a married middle-aged couple. The interviews bought the themes of Work, Childhood and Relationships to the foreground and these were analysed to establish if there is a connection in our childhood attachments and those we make as adults. It can be seen that there are similarities to the attachment types of infants compared to those that…show more content…
Method This qualitative textual analysis was carried out on two pre-existing pieces of material using a thematic analysis. The first a video, Research Methods in Psychology, Section Interviewing, which shows edited extracts from an interview with a married middle-aged couple called Tony and Jo. Two people interviewed the couple; first someone they know very well, Jane Tobbell, and second by someone they had never met before, Dan Goodley. They were interviewed in their home and the interviews were filmed. Andrea K Lait V0049493 The second piece of material was a transcription of the interviews, (see Appendix A). I as the researcher had no part in conducting the interviews, I have interpreted the video and transcript with my research question of attachment and separation in mind and my results are a reflection of this. I viewed the video several times and read the transcript several times, in order to identify salient incidents. I made notes on initial reactions of the interviewees and noted any non-verbal characteristics that could have an impact on the way the incidents could change my understanding of the interviews. Various themes were chosen, as being the main topics, described in the analysis these were (i) Work, (ii) Childhood (iii) Relationships. The transcript of the interviews was then highlighted, and each theme was identified using different coloured highlighted pens. As the
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