Attack of the Soviet Union on Finland

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The attack of the Soviet Union on Finland in 1939 definitively determined that nei-ther the Germans nor the Allies could avoid including Scandinavia in their strategic planning considerations any longer. All great powers including Germans, Great Britain and Soviet Union have political or economic interest in Scandinavia so sooner or later it was obvious that the conflict should emerge on Scandinavia Peninsula.
After the defeating of Poland in September 1939, Russia wanted to extend its influ-ence over the Baltic and forced Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia to sign treaties that allowed Russia to establish military bases in each of the three Baltic Countries. Next, the USSR, took advantage of its non-aggression pact with Germany to make several far-reaching demands on Finland in order to recover former territory lost after the World War I. Finland refused so the Winter War started. After the World War I, the Soviet Union started to build its Arctic capabilities, improving the conditions of Murmansk Port and building the White Canal connecting Baltic Sea and Arctic Ocean. Finland was important part of Soviet plans for development Arctic capabilities and the Northern part of Norway as well. After the winter war, Finland expected protection and support from the Allies side, but it was effectively blocked by Soviet and German activities. This resulted in Finland being drawn closer to Germany, first as a counterbalance to prevent current Soviet pressure and later to help regain lost
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