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Psych 640 week 3 Individual VISUAL AND VERBAL IMAGERY paper
Write a 500- to 700-word magazine article that discusses visual and verbal imagery. Include the following in your article:
A contrast of verbal and visual imagery
An argument about which of these you consider most important
A justification of your argument with research
Include at least three scholarly peer-reviewed articles, in addition to the course text.

Imaginations allow individuals to use information and construct his or her own ideas. For example, individuals can imagine what his or her dream home looks like. This individual can see the home and describe what the home looks like. Anderson (2010) defined mental imagery as the processing of perceptual information without an
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These pictures can be similar to a picture the individual actually sees. Creativity stems from an individual’s imagination. The individual visualizes a picture and attempts to create the picture.
Powell (1986) conducted a study in which individuals viewed a photo or slide. Individuals were required to scan images and decide on an image for the entire display (Powell, 1986). Objects were pointed to, and subjects were asked to identify its location (Powell, 1986). The subject was asked to close his or her eyes and were shown another image. The subjects were to decide if the object was in the correct position (Powell, 1986). The subjects would hear one of the objects and was required to focus on the object while keeping the entire image in his or her mind (Powell, 1986). When the next object was identified, the subjects were to move from the first object to the second watching a black dot moving in a straight line (Powell, 1986).
This study provided valuable insights to the usefulness of visual imagery. Movement is an important property to visual imagery (Powell, 1986). Movement provides insight into various learning strategies to help assist children who are in need of occupational therapy (Powell. 1986). Many visual images contain illumination and color (Powell, 1986). Occupational therapists must be aware of the differences existing among individuals. Powell (1986) states, “Some will have a better
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