Attempt To Collect Honey

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Walt Disney states, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and trying new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” In 1768, Matt and his family lived all together in the bustling state of Massachusetts. Matt’s father had purchased territory in Maine knowing that their family would be one of the first settlers. Being the men of the family, only Matt and his father traveled to Maine to build their new home. Once the log cabin was fashioned, Matt’s father journeyed back to Massachusetts to gather the rest of the family. While his father was away Matt survived by solely eating rabbits and squirrels, but when his gun was stolen the only option left for food gathering was a fishing pole. Eventually, after…show more content…
Matt should attempt to collect honey for three reasons: For a new adventure, for a different diet and for selfish…show more content…
After all the time spent in Maine, Matt craved anything sweet and desired something different from meat. It was a perfect opportunity to explore other foods that he had not tasted in a while. Matt had nothing better to do anyway. The cabin was boring. Food was running out. He was lonely. Distracting himself by confiscating honey was a great way to occupy his time and have a new adventure. The second reason Matt should attempt to collect honey is for a different diet. Matt did not have many choices on what food he ate. However, when he seized the honey he would. Eating from one food group solely contributed to Matt’s unbalanced diet. Either he could keep eating fish or he could bring some balance by adding honey into his diet. Honey would be a delectable treat for Matt, not to mention a little taste of back home. His stomach would be content with the yummy, yellow honey. The third reason Matt should attempt to collect honey is for selfish ambitions. Just the thought of honey made Matt’s mouth water like a giant, gushing river. Matt craved the honey. Matt needed the honey. Matt deserved the honey. At thirteen years old Matt learned how to survive on his own. Not only did was his family away, but no one was around! Matt earned to have some honey because of all the hard work he had done by himself. He single-handedly took care of the house, hunted for food and tried to keep up with their
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