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Attendance in College “When a subject becomes totally obsolete we make it a required course.” – Peter Drucker Can it then be said that when a student becomes obsolete, professors make required attendance policies? In my opinion, a good professor wouldn’t need a mandatory attendance policy because hopefully they will have structured their course(s) in such a way that lack of attendance will unquestionably harm performance on tests and papers. I can only imagine that professors enforce these policies because nobody would come to class otherwise. My paper is going to argue that although there is a correlation between class attendance and high grades, this correlation can only be applied to students that make an effort to understand the…show more content…
But what about the students that had to close down the grocery store last night until 12 a.m., and have class in the morning? Is the student more productive coming to class tired, or getting that extra sleep in order to read and/or write a more in depth paper? It’s sad that physically being present is the diagnostic for education. I can’t count how many times I come to class and sit through lecture completing homework for other courses, write poems alongside my notes, organize to-do lists, daydream, or simply fall asleep in the back. Typically sitting in the back, I often see students on laptops checking their MySpace, and instant messaging friends. Is this the presence defining a learning environment? Silverstein quotes Kelly A. Rocca, an assistant professor of communication at St. John’s University in New York saying, “With undergraduates, the more reasons you give them not to come to class, the less likely they are to come.” I just don’t understand why that’s a problem? Why come to class if you can regurgitate the material equally, if not better, in not going? Who is to say that the class discussion will even benefit a particular student that day? Since I am a transfer, I’m enrolled in a lot of elementary level freshman classes to meet general education requirements. I feel that the majority of the times, the class discussions are below me. One might argue that my purpose there is then to challenge the minds of other
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