Attending A Court Sentencing At The Alameda Superior Court

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On September 18th of 2015, I decided to attend a court sentencing at the Alameda Superior Court in Oakland. The experience was very interesting and enlightening on how the court system works. While I was there I learned found out a few things about the cases that was being sentenced that I don’t think most people know or could have known without attending the sentencing. I felt like I left the the courthouse with a better idea and grasp on how to act and what to listen for in a sentencing.
I had already planned to attend the hearing before I knew this was an assignment and it also happened to be a perfect experience to write this paper on. This specific sentencing was for a young man named Christian Birdsall. The reason I was so intent on going to this sentencing was because I actually knew him. Years before I went to a camp called Hume Lake where he too was attending. We had mutual friends and we hung out few times at camp. However, we never saw each other again after camp. When I found out what he was accused for doing, I was pretty shocked because he honestly was a very pleasant and likeable person. He was funny, got along well with everyone and was just a fun addition to the group. Little did I know I was hanging out with a future convicted murderer.
The morning of Birdsalls sentencing, myself and Joshua Finley walked over to the courthouse from work. The moment I walked into the courthouse, the experience began. I walked in and I was greeted by a large metal detector…
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