Attending A Music Concert At An Art Museum

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Think about the arts: they are omnipresent like air in daily life, from going to the movies to attending a music concert to visiting an art museum, with none of those activities being existent if it were not for the people who spent years perfecting those art forms for other’s entertainment and enjoyment. The truth is, the arts have been embedded in human nature just like carvings on wood, and is a surviving and persisting tradition that can be traced to even the earliest culture and history that has proved itself to be a key factor for bringing the world together under common interests and art forms. One would think that the arts should be required in all education systems with their strong roots in the past and modern times, but the arts are still the first programs to be cut from schools on tight budgets, and are nonexistent in low-income schools due to being dismissed as inferior to the more “academic” subjects. Even though the arts are more abstract, subjective, and lenient in subject areas, they are still the crucial link and passage to the world of creativity, imagination, and passion. The arts are irreplaceable subjects that should be maintained in schools because only they can provide a truly well rounded education to students, harnessing them with priceless skills that simply cannot be found in purely academic classes, while providing numerous benefits that no other programs can replace. Unlike regular academic subjects, the arts have their basis on creative
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