Attending College : A Terrific And Terrifying Experience

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Attending college can be a terrific and terrifying experience. It is something can forever alter your path in life. Just imagine, the professors with all the knowledge inside their minds, scheduling our courses hoping that it doesn’t get filled too quickly, and the dreaded finals. Then there is the topic concerning whether to attend a community college then transferring to a 4-year university. I believe it should be judged case by case, but not every person can be dropped into the deep end of the pool and survive. For the majority of students, attending a community college prior to a four-year university, would greatly enhance their chances of academic achievement.
For veterans, with dreams of using that well-earned “free money” from the
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However, there were students that had other priorities at the time, whether it be providing for their child or perhaps some financial issues prevented them from signing up for classes. Whatever the reason, it can be considered a second chance at school to those students in situations of that sort and of a similar fashion. As stated before, college life can extremely nerve wrecking. Especially, to a young adult of 18-20 years of age. Most of us, in that point of lives have no clue as to what want to do. We don’t know what want be after college, we aren’t really sure of what we would want to study in school. Some individuals can’t even decide on what they are going to eat for the most important meal of the day. Junior college can be a help to the younger generation decide on what they want to do with their lives. There are also the students that come from smaller schools. The students that would be used to small classes and suddenly thrust into a course where they end up in a huge room full of other students would be an immense culture shock. Smaller classroom settings could possibly allow a student to get the help that they need by receiving personalized assistance from the professor of that course. Also there are the students from lower income communities. I believe that some of their curriculums do not allow for students to prepare themselves to enter a university, they are more or less preparing them to join the
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