Attending High School Research Paper

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Throughout my life I have been always searching for how to better myself and how to get closer to God. Growing up I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go to Catholic Schools starting at the age of four years old and then ending it when I was eighteen. Attending Catholic Schools my whole life has helped me to prepare myself for what the future holds. Going to church every week during the school year I learned a lot about different types of passages and ways of dealing with my life. I have been attending West Valley for almost two years and I miss being able to have religion classes and going to church as a part of my daily schedule.

Growing up I have always learned to be a giver more than a taker. Family comes first and when they need me I have always dropped everything to help them. As a Captain of the West Valley College Volleyball team I have learned that being a leader is really important to me and doing what’s best for my teammates. This year I was so fortunate to be blessed
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Touring the campus is always a big part I think in everyone's decision in what college they want to attend. I want to be able to feel that I can call it my home away from home. Once I have that feeling it’s a deal breaker for me because I like to feel comfortable and safe. Another important factor is having a good feeling for the school meeting new people is hard for me to do, but once I warm up to people I can honestly have a good time. The last factor I believe that is important to me is being given the opportunity to play Volleyball. Without Volleyball I wouldn’t be who I am it has shaped me to be an independent, caring, and strong woman. It has been apart of my life since I was a little kid and I couldn’t imagine my life without
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